Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Celebrating 15 years of the Lower Windrush Valley Project

The 30th of November 2016 marks 15 years of the Lower Windrush Valley Project so we’re celebrating some of the project’s achievements so far…
Launch of LWVP in 2001
The official launch of the LWVP was held on 30 November 2001 at Ducklington Village Hall.

Nature Reserves and Bird Hides
Standlake Common bird hides installed in December 2003
Rushy Common bird hide completed in October 2010
Official opening of Rushy Common and Tar Lakes in May 2011
Green hay spreading at Standlake in 2013
Creation of the Windrush Path (Witney to Hardwick and Standlake to Newbridge)
Windrush Path Mosaic Trail officially launched in June 2006
Research and Monitoring
Over 30000 species records
Ecological Survey of 40 Lakes in the Lower Windrush Valley in 2004. The findings showed that this complex of lakes is an extremely valuable wetland resource. Over 300 plant and invertebrate species are recorded.
Project entitled “Grasslands in the Lower Windrush” completed in 2011. The project aimed to find out more about the grassland habitats in the Lower Windrush Valley to inform delivery of UK BAP targets for Lowland Meadow and Floodplain Grazing Marsh.
Community Involvement and Education
Over 40 events held including talks, training and family events
Working with Stanton Harcourt Primary School to create a safe and wildlife friendly school pond
Clean Water for Wildlife survey carried out in Spring 2016 with 90 sites tested by over 40 volunteers.
Volunteering – Over 3800 hours contributed since 2012