Friday 18 November 2016

Good news for lakes and ponds in the Lower Windrush Valley

Back in April we posted a blog about Clean Water for Wildlife, a national water quality survey that volunteers had been taking part in across the Lower Windrush Valley:

Over 40 volunteers used simple Phostphate and Nitrate testing kits to record the level of nutrients in 90 ponds, lakes, streams, ditches and river sites in the Lower Windrush Valley.

We presented the results of the Clean Water for Wildlife survey at the LWVP November Forum event.

Pascale Nicolet of Freshwater Habitats Trust speaking at the LWVP Forum

Nearly 60% of the sites tested showed no nutrient pollution – a great result!

To see the rest of the results please visit the Freshwater Habitats Trust website where you can download the Lower Windrush Valley Case Study:

We'll be carrying out further water monitoring surveys next year, if you'd like to get involved please get in touch via

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