Friday, 5 February 2021

Biodiversity opportunities in the Lower Windrush Valley

The Lower Windrush Valley supports a wealth of biodiversity and is identified in the draft Oxfordshire Nature Recovery Network as a priority area for habitat creation and restoration or ‘recovery zone’. A substantial area of the valley is also identified as requiring the highest level of biodiversity protection, management and enhancement or ‘core zone’.

The LWVP have recently published a review of biodiversity opportunities in the Lower Windrush Valley which used aerial photography and data held by the Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre to produce valley-wide habitat maps. These maps, along with species data and specialist knowledge of the area, were used to set out objectives for key habitats and identify opportunity areas where activities to create, connect, extend or enhance habitats would be most beneficial. 

Phase 1 Habitat Map of the Lower Windrush Valley

The review will be used to direct the biodiversity and nature conservation elements of the LWVP strategy but a collaborative approach between landowners, minerals operators, local authorities and other organisations will be required in order to meet the objectives set out. 

Click the link below to view the full document on our website.

Review of biodiversity opportunities in the Lower Windrush Valley

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