Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hedgelayers get started

Monday 12th November.
Despite torrential rain at the start of the day Martin and Jim made a good start on laying the hedge at Standlake Common Nature Reserve. The hedge was planted about ten years ago along the southern boundary of the lake to provide a screen. Although the laying will result in short term disruption the long term benefit to the structure of the hedge will be worth it. The growth of the trees was already leaving a gappy open view at the bottom. Once it is laid the bottom and the whole hedge structure will thicken up which will benefit small mammals, nesting birds and invertebrates.
 Rain is clearly going to be a recurring feature of this project. It rained when the volunteer group, Marcus and Ian in this photo, were clearing the fence and hedgeline ready for the hedgelayers to start....

... it rained when Martin and Jim started on the 12th Nov.... rained on Monday 26th so that the whole reserve is now impassable.

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