Friday, 11 January 2013

Starlings, sunset and hungry peregrine 9th Jan

It was one of those sunsets when I wished I had a decent camera that I knew how to use properly but these are my best efforts to capture a moment of pure magic as the sun set over the flooded lake.

The starlings were still about in good numbers and put on a fabulous display for half an hour again. They had a short panic when a peregrine shot through the flock. But it seemed to give up very quickly and spent the next twenty minutes watching the display from a pylon and must have had a hungry night (Spot the peregrine or Where’s Perry?)

There were some great formations and in the photo below you can just see the start of a pink vapour trail as a plane came in from the south, a few minutes later this made a fantastic pink streak across the sky in brilliant contrast to the starlings, but true to form the battery had run out in my camera by then.


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