Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Just call for Ian

The intrepid LWVP volunteering group got on their hands and knees again to help clear away the plastic tree guards around the screening trees from the car park to the bird hide. This was the first job that the group has taken on at Rushy Common Nature Reserve.

On a bitterly cold day we all agreed that it was warmer lying on the ground than standing up in the easterly wind. So Ian, Ian and Ian and Terry, Steve, Josephine and I revisited our childhood years of crawing through local woods and making dens.
You don't have to be called Ian to join the group but it helps.
That looks better now we can leave the birds in peace to get on with nesting if only the weather would warm up a bit.


  1. Fantastic; removing those awful tree guards that make any tree planting project look like the debris blown from a landfill site. Perhaps others will now follow this example and declare war on plastic as a completely unnecessary and wasteful part of so called environmental improvements. If you want tree whips to grow, WATER them heavily as they are planted and MULCH them with at least 300mm of grass mowing (twice); all surrounded with temporary stock netting fence, which can be reused after a few years in situ.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Ian. I suppose it is less labour intensive over the years to stick plastic round them but I much prefer the sound of the mulching option. Unfortunately access to large quantities of water and grass to mulch with are often not easily available on these large scale planting operations. Sadly there are thousands more of the plastic nightmares to remove across the valley.