Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Traditional scything at St Giles Church, Standlake

I don't think I could do this all day but according to Jim they only used to scythe early in the morning for a few hours then would spend the rest of the day drying and stacking the hay. Even with the new light weight Austrian scythes a two hour stint was enough for me today. But it is a great form of excercise and can be very satisfying if you can get the rythm and feel of it.

Jim is the most expert of the group. And Morag seemed to be really enjoying herself.
 I definitely need more training sessions. If we had a suitable field I would be delighted to organise a course.
 The end result got the approval of some people passing by and the hay went off to feed some very happy horses up the road. Hopefully, next summer Alison's species rich grassland will again be covered in flowers and a home or feeding station for all sorts of invertebrates.

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