Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Green cleaning on odd job day

Ian and Colin had an odd job session last week. The first job was to re-hang the fences in the car park that had been nudged over by various vehicles.

 Then we moved on to repair the frame of the interpretation board in the picnic area.

Once that was done Ian used his extensive RAF survival skills training, for making do with what the environment has to offer, as he cleaned the board with a handful of grass. The effect was so brilliant I can now be seen scrubbing boards clean all over the valley

We carried on with coppicing in the mixed thorn and hazel shelter belt in the afternoon. Amazingly the section that we coppiced last winter is regrowing with great vigour despite being under water for nearly three months. The hazel is growing particularly well and this small area has already provided a good number of stakes and binders for the hedgelayers and some good logs for firewood.


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