Thursday, 20 March 2014

Springfield School come to Rushy Common

Look over  there, what is that on the island?  And that one coming towards us? Lots of geese, great crested grebes and several cormorants kept everyone busy looking for new birds. Walking down the path we found seven nests from last year that are still in one piece.

 This swan did a beautiful sail-by giving plenty of time for a lovely drawing to be made and peaceful contemplation of its beauty.

Look there are lots of ducks over there shoveler, teal and wigeon.

The quarry workings are still under water so we could safely cross the haul road to view the works from the bridge over the silent conveyor belt.
 Watch out someone is watching you.

 Lucky that perching post was just there when a rest was needed.
 Then it was time to go. I hope you will all be back for a picnic in the summer.

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