Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Students clearing tree guards at Dix Pit

There isn't a great deal of work that is suitable for the Abingdon and Witney College gang at this time of year so they were really pleased to be able to do some work on the edge of Dix Pit removing some very old and battered tree guards.

Over the last few months they have become a very good team helping each other and working out the best way to do things together. We found that one of the jobs required was to stand up some smaller trees that were leaning over So a suitable sized rock was found to hammer the stakes back in the ground, ("don't forget the hammer next time Jane")
The students and staff always enjoy their lunch break and as none of them had been to the Devil's Quioits this was the obvious lunch spot. They all enjoyed the sun and space and found the stones and ditches very interesting as they have been studying  the First World War and life in the trenches.

The staff relaxed looking at the cloud formations and finding old bones that were probably mostly rabbit judging from the number running around and the burrows in the banks.
Another session after lunch shifted enough tree guards and stakes to fill my car for a trip to the tip and everyone said they would like to come back another day.  The students are never so happy as when they are outside and their work makes a real difference as it has to the appearance of these little copses of trees.


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