Thursday, 27 June 2013

Matty's study of the River Windrush

I am very lucky to have Matty Spiers with me over the summer. Matty is a student at Plymouth University studying marine biology so it seemed logical to get him into the river as much as possible. There is a wealth of information around about the Windrush and this seemed a great opportunity to gather it together into a format that is accessible for the general public.

'I’m currently studying Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology BSc at Plymouth University. Throughout the course it has been instilled into us how important conservation, study and management of nature is in order to fully protect it. This summer I will be undertaking a research project on the lower section of the River Windrush for the Lower Windrush Valley Project. This study will take a look at the social, historical and scientific aspects of the river with numerous ecological surveys being performed by myself at locations along the lower Windrush to look at bio-indicators of water quality. Another strong focus of the work is the social history of the river, things such as works of art and literature based upon the Windrush itself. It is so far proving a pleasure to work on such a beautiful piece of water and I will be displaying some of my work at the Wychood Forest Fair on Sunday 1st September at Foxborough Wood, Witney'.
If anyone has any information about the river that you think would be useful for Matty's study please email him at

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