Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Growing young naturalists

Standlake Primary School's after school Eco club came to visit Standlake Common Nature Reserve on Thursday. It is always such a joy to see these special places through children's eyes. They have been studying endangered species so it was a pleasure to be able to show them some of the fifty or sixty lapwings that have been on the reserve for a few days, including one that obligingly strolled around under the window for a while.

They also really enjoyed the large number of swans (they gave up counting there were so many) and the twelve little egret.

Pencil and paper never fails and they loved drawing the birds that they could see and even the fish that they couldn't.

Then it was off to find some rare plants even though it was starting to rain and the grass was taller than them.
Great burnet-found it!

I hope you will all come again and bring the rest of the school with you. 

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