Wednesday, 23 July 2014

When you find something new

Have you ever heard of round leaved fluellen? Or seen it?
I certainly hadn't then there it was creeping across the ground when I was surveying the field round the lake at Standlake Common to see how last year's green hay spreading has worked. 

It is hard to say at the moment how successful the green hay spreading has been but there is a vast amount of yellow rattle with a lot of tufted vetch, common knapweed, scentless mayweed and black medick. Hopefully, next spring there will be a cowslip or two and a green winged orchid. Thanks to the trainee botanists for their help as we start to build up a record of species on the site. Thanks also to the tutors at the Ashmolean Natural History Society for their excellent introduction to botanical identification and showing us how much it requuires patience and methodical working through in often minute detail. Maybe next year we will be able to tell our hawkbits from our hawk's-beards more easily and can tackle the grasses as well.

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