Monday, 21 July 2014

Work experience

Thanks to Will and Ben from Henry Box school the hide at Standlake is looking a bit cleaner and the view out is clear again. They worked really hard sweeping the boardwalk and the hide and cleaning the windows; I didn't like to tell them that the spiders will take over again very shortly.

They thought they had done most of the work by lunchtime but found that clearing the Windrush Path down towards Newbridge was even harder work especially as the sun had come out with a vengeance.

But they did really well and then said it was the hardest they had ever worked. Thanks also to Angus for bringing them along, and Jack who is going to work with me on a variety of projects over the summer, once his blisters have healed up. I continued my mission to introduce people to scything and they all took to it with great enthusiasm. I think Angus is going to have to buy his own, it is addictive!

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