Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Going to do the lottery

Well I must be in great favour today. Just a short trip down to Standlake Common Nature Reserve to check on a few things, empty the litter bin that sort of thing and all sorts of treasures were there to be found.
On the bird front the common terns are back with little ringed plovers and around a dozen lapwing being so busy that surely they must have a go at nesting this year. The greylag families are out and about and then I couldn't believe my ears and eyes as a calling curlew flew over me and landed on the south shoreline. I expect it was only stopping off for a wash and brush up; it was certainly enjoying the water. I haven't seen one at Standlake before although I know others have. Of course all the warblers were singing away as well.
I stopped off in the meadow to see if any of the hairy violets that we found last week were still around and found not only a few bedraggled violets left but also the first of the green winged orchids.
Green winged orchid

Hairy violets last week

You can just see the green winged orchid in the middle and a rather faded violet in front.
The cowslips are going to be stunning this year as were the snake's head fritillaries at Ducklington on Sunday.


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