Friday, 29 May 2015

Another brilliant day at Tar Lakes

More than 50 children (I lost count) and their parents and grandparents had a great afternoon at Tar Lakes and Rushy Common. Luckily there was room for all and plenty of snails, beetles and toad tadpoles just waiting to be fished up for inspection. Lilly and Thomas were particularly proud of the pike they caught.

It is a great joy to see young children delighting in the outside world and one Mum said, "Thank you so much you have got us started. We are going to get the kit tomorrow and I have got to make my son some charts to record what we find".
Sky and Esmee's Mum said, "When you have got this muddy you know you have had a great day out".

Jude from BBOWT brought her amazing tabletop river along and it proved to be a great hit with the budding engineers as they continually redesigned the course of the river, making ponds, lakes, dams and wells.


Thanks to Angus for his great enthusiasm for mayflies and all things watery as usual

 and to Clackers for manning the bird hide all afternoon.


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